South Carolina Zeta
The College of Charleston

   Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded by twelve men on November 1, 1901 at Richmond College in Virginia; on the basis of the cardinal principles Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.  These men had no idea of the ramifications of their decisions.  The principles and ideals that they set forth laid the foundation for the most popular fraternity nationally, and on the College of Charleston campus.  Sigma Phi Epsilon has emerged as the largest Greek fraternity in the U.S. with over 350 chapters in all 50 states.
    The South Carolina Zeta chapter here at the College was founded on April 1, 1992 on the basis of the same cardinal principles set forth by the Founding Fathers.  The Zeta chapter strongly believes in establishing and upholding these values with both old and new members.  This is why the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter has gone straight to the top of the Greek fraternity system here on campus.
    This Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter holds many social events on and off campus throughout the year.  These events include Mountain Weekend and Semi-Formal taking place out of state with various live bands, Carolina Cup, Spring Formal, House Parties, Mixers with various sororities, and brotherhood events such as: sporting events, cookouts, and philanthropy events.

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